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At the age of 28 this world left me to die.  I hit rock bottom feeling completely disconnected from myself and others. 

I was 60 pounds heavier, smoked a pack of cigarettes a day, and was an alcoholic.  In my mind I was a failure and a loser.  Until I realized I wasn't playing by the rules of the game of life. 

I vowed to become an expert at life.  I used willpower and determination to create positive change and after 6 years of working on myself I made slow progress. 

I quit smoking, drinking, and lost the weight but was still depressed, isolated, and unfulfilled.  

I then ended up doing a seminar in Boston that shifted everything for me. 


My Story cont'd

I quit my job as a design engineer in the concrete industry, bought a 12 passenger van, rescued my dog Brody, sold most of my stuff and hit the road. 

Along my journey I had an idea to see a hypnotist in Seattle for my social anxiety.  It was a life changing experience that sent me to Albuquerque to learn hypnotherapy.

I learned all about the mind and from their I went into hyper-speed when it came to my growth.  The subconscious mind was the fast ticket to making lasting changes in behavior -- not willpower.

The interesting thing is that I actually used hypnosis to quit smoking in 2011 and quit drinking in 2013 -- out of some guys living room.


         My Story cont'd

At the hypnotherapy academy I learned about how the mind works and did 20 sessions of personal work. I overcame my fear of public speaking, my fear of rejection, my fear of making mistakes, and my fear of death. 

I went to four different past lives which opened the door to spirituality and these are only some of things I transformed down in New Mexico. 

I moved to Denver afterwards and started helping people change their behaviors and habits.  It has been incredibly rewarding. 

I continue to develop my skill sets and a year after attending the Academy I got trained in Neurolinguistics Programming (NLP). 

          My Story cont'd

This has been the perfect compliment in being able to quickly change people's behaviors.  It also gave me the quickest and most effective way to change limiting beliefs. 

With a combination of hypnotherapy and NLP there isn't a single issue I cannot tackle.  You do become anything you want to become in life as long as you clear the subconscious programs from the past. 

I continue to become the creator and master of my own fate and destiny. 

I have created freedom to do the things I want to do and I love showing people the path to get there for themselves. 

Kimberly Hardick
Great session! My creative flow is now in high gear. No longer feeling stuck and look forward to another session!! Go see him!
5 / 5 stars

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