How many of us live our life with a lack of worth and value?  I bet you the number is pretty high.  I am always looking at ways to grow and transcend my past.  I learned a new technique I want to share with you.  I was in a relaxed state of mind as I was going back to the root cause of my lack of worth and value.  I know my unconscious mind is intelligent and can guide me to exactly where I need to go.  After all I call myself the Mind Guy and I spend most of my day learning how to hack into the mind so it works for me as opposed to against me.

        It was only 2 ½ years ago when I learned how the mind works and ever since then I’ve been obsessed with it.  To know our limitations are simply ours and no one else’s was a milestone discovery for me.  A better clarification of this statement is  "our limitations are only in our minds" and not external.  This was the most important piece of knowledge I’d stumbled upon.  I’ve gone to work on my mind like you wouldn’t imagine.  I’ve done 25 hypnotherapy sessions, at least 30 timeline therapy sessions, 26 nights of the plant medicine ayahuasca and I’ve surrounded myself with coaches, a therapist, and online teachers to help me discover my unconscious programming.  It’s made a huge difference.  I have more confidence, peace of mind, power and self-expression. 

        A fundamental truth is that willpower is one of the hardest ways to create the growth and change that one is seeking.  I’m not saying don’t use willpower but if you can first discover the unconscious programming getting in your way – clear that initially.  Willpower becomes significantly easier when those subconscious programs are cleared.

        Now let me go back to this lack of worth and value.  How do we know we lack worth or value?  Sometimes it’s challenging to know what these unconscious programs are.  Although every human being experiences the same list of limiting core beliefs.  We all don’t experience the entire list of limiting beliefs, but we all have at least 5-10 of these core limiting beliefs.  I myself have experienced around 30.  You could use any one from the list to do this process.  Here are a few that I’ve experienced.  “I’m unlovable.” “I’m a burden.”  “I’m broken.”  These core limiting beliefs are the computer code to the programs that determine our feelings, our thoughts, our actions and behaviors.  Most of what we experience in life is based off these programs.        

Becoming invisible

        Here is what I discovered while I closed my eyes and asked my unconscious mind what the root cause of this limiting belief was?  I ended up going to a time when I was in preschool.  This was my second preschool that I was forced to go to in the afternoons.  So I would go to one preschool in the mornings and a bus would pick me up around lunch and take me across town to another school.  I did not like this second school, not even a little bit.  Prior to all of this I experienced a trauma that became repressed from my subconscious mind and it caused me to want to become invisible.  I did this by hiding myself.  I was afraid of people and believed they were dangerous.  It was safer for me to go silent and internalize everything. 

        The second preschool I went to scared the living daylights out of me.  I was with a bunch of kids that were much different than me.  The students in this class had behavioral or psychological issues and I had no idea why I was in this class.  I would also frequently see a class of Down syndrome students which was something I’ve never witnessed before.  The trauma I experienced before all of this made be believe that people were dangerous so these kids who acted out and were completely unpredictable terrified me.  I internalized everything so no one knew I was dealing with this fear.  I didn’t share my concerns out loud, so there was no ability to learn or understand what “different” meant.  Nobody could tell me these kids were not a threat or danger to me. 

        Because I was with students that were different than me and I was in that class, I made it mean that there was something wrong with me.  This was the beginning of when my lack of worth and value began.  What I did next is what I want you to try on.  I spoke to that 4 year old version of me and I asked him a bunch of questions.  I asked him if he was still human.  I asked him if he was still Thomas.  I asked him if he still existed.  I continued talking to him and educating him, letting him know how circumstances and comparison do not determine ones value or worth

Overcoming the Past

        I time traveled back into the past to have that conversation with the younger version of myself so that he could overcome this belief he was not worthy and valuable.  It was never the truth.  It was just a belief I created from a highly emotional event.   It was unconsciously created, just like all programs are created. He eventually understood that each and every human being has intrinsic value and worth.  I could see the smile on his face and he asked me for a hug.  I was an adorable kid and it’s hard to say no to that! 

        I eventually went to more events from my life associated with this program and did the same process until I cleared my history of memories associated with this lack of worth and value.  I feel freed up now.  I don’t have to worry so much about external circumstances to determine how I feel about myself.  I can just be with that I have worth and I am valuable.  Let me know if you want to learn more about how to clear your subconscious programming.  I do free 20 minute consultations.  Email me: [email protected] or call me at 720-663-8085.