Hello everybody!  Welcome back.  This is the Mind Guy podcast and my name is Thomas Suski.  I am a coach of the unconscious mind and this podcast is all about the mind and the metaphysical.  I hope you are all having a wonderful day.  For any of you who are having a bad day, that’s okay, because at any given moment of time you can shift into a great mood.  I hope that shift happens soon.  Let’s start out by asking a question.

     Do you know that you can become a masterful creator of your own life?  Currently if you don’t feel like you are creating the life you desire than there are some things you need to learn.  For starters why that is.  The reason you don’t have what you want in life is not entirely your fault.  Everything has two sides to the same coin.  For example bad and good.  Right and Wrong.  Hot and Cold.  Survival and Creation. 

     This is what is called the Law of Polarity, it’s one of the invisible laws of the universe.  I’m not going to go into great detail here about the law right now but I will save that for a future podcast.  I want to talk about the difference between living life being a survivor vs. being a creator -- and most importantly how your mind influences all of that.   

     The way we become survivors is mainly due to entering into the game of life without knowing the rules of the game.  Your parents and the people who raised you did their best to discover whatever rules they discovered.  So everything that is taught to you by your parents, teachers and authority figures determines how you play.  You ready for this?  This is how human beings operate in the world.  95% of what you do is based on what you believe. I know, this isn’t anything ground breaking. 

     Although I don’t think people realize what this truly means.  Nearly everything you do is based off of computer code.  The computer code is written in language and it’s stored in your subconscious mind.  Your actions and behaviors are dictated by computer programs all created from your past.  We have thousands of them and we aren’t aware of how these beliefs dictate our lives, nor do we realize how much power they have over us.  They actually determine everything about us. 

Open path

     Where you end up in life is directly correlated to your belief systems.  The people you end up hanging around with, your romantic relationships, your career, where you live, and of course how you dress, the way you speak and most of your choices are already determined for you based on the beliefs you created from the past. 

     The reason you can’t achieve your goals or get all you want in life has nothing to do with how you were raised, what kind of education you got, or anything that has happened to you.  Well it does, but it doesn’t have to forever.  Just because you grew up poor doesn’t mean you have to remain poor.  Although if you don’t learn why you do the things you do than yes you will remain living the same patterns bestowed upon you. 

     Everything you believe manifests itself into reality and is a self-fulfilling prophecy.  If you tell yourself you are not good at math.  It doesn’t matter if both your parents are bad at math or if both your parents are great at math.  If you have a belief stored in your subconscious mind that you are not good at mathematics -- guess what -- it becomes real and no matter how hard you try to be good at math you will not be.  Although if you can eliminate that limiting belief about yourself than math can come easy to you. 

     If you tell yourself you aren’t good at talking to girls.  This is what will likely happen.  You will go up to someone you find attractive, you’ll start talking and you’ll either say the wrong things or you will freeze up and prove the belief stored in your subconscious mind that you are not good at talking to girls.  Not because it’s true, only because you created a belief around it.  If you eliminated that belief then you would talk to girls just fine. 

     Mohammad Ali had a belief he was the greatest and it became a self-fulfilling prophecy.  I’m going to show you that anything you believe will become real for you.  If you believe people of color are disgusting than you will despise all the colored people that you cross your path.  I use this example because it shows how our beliefs are often passed down to us -- generationally. 

     If you believe liberals are soft and weak than you will never support an idea by a liberal.  If you think you are not worthy of love than you will sabotage every relationship you are in.  Wondering why you can’t have love?  It’s simply because you have computer code embedded in your subconscious mind that prevents you from finding love.  If you are not worthy of love then how can you expect to find love or better yet -- keep it.    

     Now there are two categories you can lump these beliefs into.  You can either call them beliefs that empower you or they are beliefs that limit you in some way.  Obviously empowering beliefs aren’t getting in the way of you fulfilling on your dreams.  It’s the limiting programs getting in the way.  Let’s talk about how these limiting programs become developed.  

     It takes two things to develop a limiting program.  The first thing is pain and the second thing is language. When I speak of pain I’m not just talking about physical pain.  I’m talking about emotional pain.  For example if you experience a moment of intense fear or sadness or embarrassment or whatever other negative emotion from an event in your life -- this is the catalyst for creating a program that will likely run your life until you die, unless you discover it and do something about it. 

     On top of that a majority of your beliefs come before the age of 11 – when you are dumb kid. We can all agree kids are dumb right?  I’m kidding but it’s quite absurd if you really think about it.  These childish programs show up for us when we are adults and this is how it works. 

Grown up

     Here is a personal example -- when I was in 1st grade I was on stage with my entire class in the school gymnasium.  It was Grandparent’s Day and the entire school was there including parents and grandparents.  We were singing Be our Guest from Beauty and the Best and I loved to sing back then.  I thought the chorus was next and all of a sudden I was the only one who could be heard singing at the top of his lungs only to realize the song was over.  People in my class and in the audience started laughing.  I was so embarrassed and in my underdeveloped mind thought it was a big deal.  I thought I ruined the entire day for everyone

     So this is what your subconscious mind does.  It creates a program and associates it with language.   The language created in this instance was that it wasn’t safe to speak in public and now my subconscious mind will make sure the belief gets fulfilled.  So in the future every time I would speak in front of a group of people my subconscious mind would fill me up with anxiety and discomfort.  Now the greater the emotion in these initial sensitizing events the stronger the program. 

     This event for me was highly emotional, so moving forward I would have high anxiety – preventing me from wanting to speak in front of people.  You see the subconscious mind can’t interpret what happened to me when I was on stage in 1st grade.  All it knows is that performing and speaking in front of people caused me great pain and pain is a threat to survival.  The subconscious mind must do everything in its power to protect from pain.  The subconscious minds job is to make sure we survive -- to live another day.  Even against the danger of speaking in front of human beings in an audience.  It’s quite absurd if you really think about it.

     For 30 years after that event in 1st grade I hated public speaking and I avoided it like the plague, being forced in school to do it over and over again.  Which always led to more negative emotion, only reinforcing the program.  I remember in my early 30’s I took some advice to face my fears!!  I said to myself, “okay I’ll do that.”  I threw myself into the lion’s den and for me that meant Community Theater. 

     I acted and ended up performing in 24 shows in a span of a few years.  Here is the interesting thing -- before the first show I had an anxiety level of 10 out of 10 and after the 24th show I had an anxiety level of 9.8 out of 10.  What I discovered is that if I continued to face my fears it would only take a 1,000 shows to get down to a 2 out of 10.  No thank you.  It took everything inside of me just to get on stage, I would not want to do that 1,000 more times feeling that anxious.    

     Fast forward, when I ended up at the Hypnotherapy Academy, I ended up doing two hypnosis sessions and my anxiety levels dropped to a 2 out of 10.  Talk about more efficient.  If you only knew how easy it was to rewrite these programs that cause us so much frustration in our lives.  It’s so darn easy.  Whoever came up with the whole face your fears idea discovered an outdated way to overcome them, but now we live in a world of instant gratification.  Time to learn about the subconscious mind and how to tap into it.  Don’t punish yourself more than you have to. 

Love to sing

     Are you starting to see how you operate very much like a robot with software embedded in your subconscious mind?  This is what I mean by survival because we end up having to deal with these limiting programs over and over again.  If you work at a job you don’t like the only reason you are there is because you have limiting programs and beliefs stopping you from doing something you enjoy and getting paid what you think you deserve. 

     Beliefs stop you from having all you want and if you only knew how easy it was to reverse these beliefs.  So easy.  I have a request to make of you.  Stop surviving life and switch over to being a creator.  All you have to do is find enough limiting programs and reverse them.  Once you reverse them your actions and behaviors now become consistent with the empowering beliefs.  Imagine thinking you are not good at math your entire life and then all of a sudden you switched that belief and become good at math?  Or imagine speaking in public and enjoying it?  Wouldn’t that be great?  Yes it sure would

     I’m going to go even further because I really want you all to get this.  If you ever heard the saying that your thoughts create your reality -- that’s true.  This falls into the universal law called the Law of Attraction and I will have a podcast about this as well in the future.  Do you know how many thoughts you have a day? 50-80,000 -- that’s wild if you think about it.  Now what most people don’t know is that a majority of those thoughts are recycled from the past – about 92% of them

      I’m going to go even a step further.  Your thoughts are completely in alignment with your beliefs.  Your beliefs actually create your thoughts.  For example – if you developed a belief you weren’t good enough – you could have thoughts throughout the day that you aren’t doing things right or some artistic thing like writing or painting looks like crap to you because of a belief you created as a child.   It’s another absurdity of being a human being

     Approximately 5-10 percent of your thoughts are new that you create on the fly -- the rest come from the past and you could still have thoughts stemming from a painful event from when you were 4 years old, or even sooner.   

     Here is my advice for you.  Start paying attention to two things.  First start paying attention to why you do the things you do, I’m talking about your patterns.  Like ask yourself, “Why do I have the job I have?”  “Why did I choose this person to be in a relationship with?”  “Why do I always eat food at midnight?”  Or whatever else comes up for you. 

     The second thing I want you to do is start paying attention to your thoughts.  Become an observer instead of engaging in them.  You will start to see the negative conversations playing in your head and you can find the limiting beliefs associated with those thoughts.  Awareness is such a powerful resource.  It will take time, but just like riding a bike you will become proficient at it.  Your access to becoming powerful and the master of your own life is to work on the mind.  Thanks for being with me once again.  Take care.

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