Attract love into your life.

You deserve the partner of your dreams!

The only thing getting in your way is you.  Limiting programs from your past are preventing you from finding true love. 

Don't let these programs sabotage your happiness and fulfillment.


   How to attract love into your                        life?

Love is the real deal.  It's also elusive -- meaning not everyone has it.  Even if you say you don't want it, that's merely a trick to keep yourself protected from getting hurt. 

Out of all the things this world has to offer, the pain associated around love is the greatest.  It is the events from our past that prevent us from experiencing love fully and completely.  Some of us unconsciously attract the wrong partners. 

Some of us unconsciously sabotage our relationships.  Let's stop these patterns so you can open yourself up to a lasting and loving relationship.     

Everything in your life doesn't have to look perfect to attract the partner that lights you up.  It has nothing to do with the external. 

The work to be done is in the mind.  Let's discover what programs are getting in the way of you and love.  

You can't give love unless you love yourself first.  Limiting programs and beliefs stop you from unconditional self-love.  The work to be done is making yourself whole and complete. 

The mind is where you will accomplish all of this -- with the use of instant techniques like hypnosis and NLP. 

           What is love?

After being in a relationship for 6 years and ending an engagement that led to great heart ache, I continually asked myself, "what is love?" 

I realized I was saying the words "I love you" and I had no idea what that meant.  I stumbled upon the triangular theory of love which opened me up to a new way of thinking around love.  

The most complete form of love is called consummate love. Consummate love involves 1) passion, 2) intimacy & 3) commitment.  If any one of these is missing you are in a different conversation around love, either it be infatuation, friendship, or empty love. 

The idea is to have all three of these things show up in the relationship.  I have a detailed process to get you there.  

I came up with my own definition of love after learning about how the mind works.  Love is the willingness to expose oneself to another person.  How much are you willing to expose yourself? 

The problem is that limiting programs from our past cause us to put up protection and defense mechanisms to keep us from getting hurt. 

Once you discover these programs and rewrite them, you are now free to connect deeply with your partner. 

Joel Puckett
Thomas - the Mind Guy - helped me out tremendously!  Firstly, I had never had hypnosis or NLP therapy before and he created a safe space and explained these procedures clearly so I felt comfortable during the entire process.  Not only did I have two transformative and lasting shifts in being more trusting and open in my relationship but I also was taught tools that I am still using on a daily basis.  I recommend this service for anyone looking to explore a lasting transformation in their life. 
5 / 5 stars

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